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    Not all of our alpacas are listed but all are for sale 

    Graydown's Maddi

    Price: $350

    Maddi is another one of our Teak babies born and bred right here in the Skagit Valley, just south of Mount Vernon. She has super fine fleece, great solid color, and has what is becoming a normal "Teak" personality; calm and easy going. I still have no problem rounding this young lady up for whatever I need to do with her. To finish this cria off, you would get gray on both sides of the family. Her full brother is Graydown's Hobbs a wonderful rose gray male.

    Graydown's Alemundena

    Price: Sold

    Okay, yes, this is an older picture. I started out so well taking pictures of all the alpacas as often as I could, must be getting old or some thing! Anyway, this picture will tell a lot about Alemundena. She is out of our gray dam Basilia and Patagonia's Dawson. Alemundena is a good-sized girl with nice fleece and a great gray background. She is also very ready to be bred.


    NEW Price: $300

    Buttercup is a light fawn female who has a good solid build, nice soft fleece showing good density, and a nice handle. Buttercup's background is worth looking at. Her sire is My Peruvian Sequoia, and her Grand Sire is Peruvian Mr. President. With three nice cria on the ground, Buttercup has proven herself an easy birther and a good mother. Buttercup's last cria is a very nice fawn female with mom's great density and good crimp and handle.


    NEW Price: $150

    Basilia is a wonderful gray female that has been putting some very nice cria on the ground year after year, all with very fine fleece. Basilia's last male cria was Graydown's Abyss, winner of a ribbon in every show  that he went to; although he shows some white in all that black, he gets by on good luster and fineness. In 2009 we got that gray gift we had been looking for in Basilia. Graydown's Almundena is a light rose gray with super fine fleece and an upright, well proportioned body. As an older girl, Basilia is not the nicest looking alpaca, nor does she have the finest fleece any longer. However, she is a great, experienced mom that keeps on putting outstanding cria on the ground.

    Mystic Marie

    Price: Sold

    Mystic Marie is one of a very few of our girls that was not born in the Skagit Valley, but she has been a great addition to our herd. Mystic Marie is the dam to everyone's favorite boy, Hobbes, as well as to another wonderful cria, Graydown's Maddi. Both were sired by Graydown's Teak. Mystic Marie has been a wonderful mother, gentle and easygoing, always willing to let me work with her when needed without any fuss. All her cria have been well proportioned and fine fleeced, and that great attitude and gentleness is being handed down.

    Patagonia's Chapala

    Price: $300


    Chapala is a well-built, fine fleeced girl who is maintaining her wonderfully soft blanket. She is sired by Nishio, winner of the 2004 All-American Herdsire of the year and winner of the Get-of-Sire Class at the 2005 Nationals. Chapala's first cria is a true black female sired by Compadre, a true black Patagonia male, showing that she has no problem throwing color. Speaking of no problems, Chapala has never had a problem birthing or producing plenty of milk for her cria.

    Graydown's Nicole

    Price: $350

    Nicole is just one more of our fine fleeced black girls who has given us a wonderful black girl last year. More to come on Nicole and her wonderful offspring, Graydown's Cole.

    Graydown's Lili with Georgia

    Price:  $1,500 for Lili and $600 for Georgia

    Lili is one of the best we have had on the farm, a wonderful dark fawn that has produced some outstanding cria and Georgia (out of Graydown's Teak) is no exception, super fine with good crimp, she is now over a year old, Georgia is not registered right now but can be at the cost of the new owner.

    Graydown's Lili

    Price:  $1,500

    Just a better picture of Lili



    Summer is white girl out of Graydown's Teak, her mom died when Summer was young so she was bottle feed, she also is a blue eyed white and deaf. Summer is not registered and is being sold as a non breeder. 

    Graydowns Teak

    Price:  $1500.00

    Teaks profile to come

  • Shearing Services

    Call for a quote:

    (360) 848-7858

    Prices are for your estimate only. Further details and instructions will be given upon your call. Extra costs may apply for unruly animals.


    $25 setup + $25 per animal + $0.40/mile traveled + $10 per assistant not provided (need 2).

    Toenail trimming: $10
    Teeth cutting: $25


    $10 setup + $0.40/mile round trip.


    Ewes: $10/per
    Rams and males: $15.00/per


    Hoof trimming: $2.50/per
    Sheep tails: $3/per
    2+ years growth: $5+/per

    High debris: $5+/per




    $25 setup + $35 per animal + $0.40/mile traveled


    Halter trained animals only


    $2,000 + travel costs. I don't like shearing goats. If you only have one give me a call, more than that please call someone that already shears goats, everyone will be happier.

    For a happy shear:

    • Have your animals penned, ready to go, and in a dry area.
    • Have power within 20' or extra charges will be applied.
    • Have a flat, dry area available to shear on.
    • Have bags ready or some place to put the fiber. If fiber is unwanted, please let me know beforehand.
  • Products for sale

    All our hats and yarn are from our alpacas, milled in Edmonds and brought right back to the Skagit Valley, we like that it is a very local product.

    Hand knit hats

    Price $30 to $50

    These are some of our hand knit hats, all of our hats are hand knit, not machine knit and seamed or turned out on a circular knitter, what's the difference.. Well for me one size doesn't fit all, I like a nice crown and a good cuff, I enjoy using different colors and different kinds of yarn and all of that without a seam running up the inside of the hat but all that means you should really try these hats on before you purchase them.

     Most of our hats run from $30 to $50, the ones pictured are $40.

    Tulip hats

    Price $40 to $50

    These hats were designed by Karen as a shout out to the tulip festival here in Skagit Valley. The color in all of our tulip hats are hand dyed hand spun yarn, I have just started using hand spun yarn for the background making a very thick warm hat and only adding $10 to the original design. The two hats that are pictured have mill spun backgrounds and are $40.

    "kid" hats

    Price $30

    These hats are made a bit smaller for smaller heads. These hats are just a smaller version of our other hats, most are 100% alpaca, all different designs and sizes

    Hand dyed Hand spun yarn

    Price: .20cents per yard

    I tend to spin a bit chunky, not supper fat but thicker than DK weight for sure (I just knit a hat using some hand spun yarn with #11 needles and only went through 80 yards). Nice and thick, wonderfully soft this yarn makes great hats and scarfs.

    Hand dyed Hand spun

    Price: .20 cents per yard

    Different colors of our hand dyed/spun yarns.

    Hand spun yarn

    Price:  .20 cents per yard

    More of our chunky hand spun yarn, this time we are using the natural colors. Just to keep things interesting I had some silk added into of our rovings, it makes for some wonderful yarn with extra shine.

    Mill spun yarn

    Price: $18 to $26 for 200 yards

    We use a mill in Edmonds and we really like the end product, most of what we have is light sport wt. but we are now carrying some DK wt. also. We have some blends with silk or bamboo and others with sheep but most of our yarn is 100% alpaca.

    Adult Fingerless gloves

    Price:  $10.00

    These are some of our South American imports, 100% alpaca, hand knit fingerless gloves at a price that can't be beat. Best to try these on before purchase being they are all different sizes. Also available in "kid" size for $5.00 each. 

    Adult Mittens

    Price:  $10.00

    100% alpaca mittens for the same great price as our fingerless gloves. Also available in "kid" size for $5.00 each.

    Alpaca Blanket

    Price: $75.00

    These are real nice 50% alpaca x 35% wool  x 15% synthetic blankets that measure about 60" x 66" without the fringe. We don't carry lots of these so we don't have all the colors available.

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